It's not a disease it's called grow a heart

January 28, 2012
By Anonymous

People sicken me
They go around
Pointing out flaws
Not even their own
But everyone elses
They laugh at those
Who have troubles

They call it a disease
They call them retarted
But truth is it is one more
Unique thing about them
They del with that "trouble"
Everyday of their life!
While others "difficulties"
Are as lousy as a broken nail
Or even a bad grade
Bad hair day?
Try dealing with autism
Try even anxiety
Or maybe dyslexia
It's not easy
To deal with bi-polar
Or borderline personality disordor
Yet no one cares
No one thinks just to
Get to know someone
Even if they act
Just a tiny bit different
than you or your friends

Some should just
consider themselves lucky
To not have to deal
With what others
Have to deal with

The author's comments:
My brother has autism
My other brother has bi-polar
My friend has aspergurs
I have anxiety
My sister has BPD
My mother has anxiety
And people somehow like to treat us different just because we are not like everyone else in this messed up world..
So I say YOU try to deal with it and see how it feels...

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