The beginning of the End

January 28, 2012
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Hey now,
Tell me something,
Can you really walk around
as if nothing happened
Consciously forgetting everything now!
Lying about what you have done
as her tears fall to the ground...
...everything comes to an end...
as the moment dies and
the words fade away.
Her worlds dieing now
as your walls crumble down
Please hold on to the end...
Please Wake up before it's too late...
and come back to where
You belong.
Now your lies are exposed
her hand slips away
Your words floating on death ears
As it all drifts away
The light fades from her eyes...
As she slowly disappears in her mind...
unable to get away
exploring every crack.
Until something breaks.
Pressures Rising
Her mind fading fast as the poison runs
deep within her veins
Time ticking like a clock
as things begin to end
Her walls come tumbling down all around her
as her life ticks away
She looks in the mirror
Her vision disappearing
As her head starts pumping
Her heart goes insane as it pounds against her flesh.
Silence is no more.
Her screams echo through the hollow night
Their smiles don't bring anything but sorrow.
Time decease's now
Their words not found
Their fates intertwined now unwind
as the mirror explodes her body lays on the floor
the shards of glass like memories
flutter down
And all that's left is this endless abyss
Now she is gone.
And the world goes on.
Now this is her beginning of the end
Now this is her freedom
Now this is the Beginning of the END

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