The Jackass Who Chewed

February 8, 2012
By tlitchman GOLD, New Canaan, Connecticut
tlitchman GOLD, New Canaan, Connecticut
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He doesn’t have a clue,
A piece of gum is stuck to the bottom of his shoe
He does not notice the squelching sound
Whilst he traipses around

The gum once was in a pack
Labeled with “anti-plaque”
Surrounded by all its chums
Inside the crackly, pink wrapping in which it comes

The way it met its fate
Was in a mouth with which it had a date
After being chomped on and blown and popped
The rude owner spat it out and onto the ground it plopped

And then some unfortunate soul
Who had went out for an unsuspecting stroll
Stepped on the gum and it is now glued
Because of that jacka** who so arrogantly chewed

And so now the poor, miserable piece of gum
Much flatter it will become
A splash of minty pink in a sea of black
Uh oh, watch out for that crack!

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