Too Late

January 19, 2012
By Alyssadandrea BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Alyssadandrea BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Don’t you feel bad?
You should.
If you didn’t like children,
You wouldn’t be a teacher.
If you were afraid of animals,
You wouldn’t feed a tiger.
If you care about someone,
If you love someone,
Why would you lie to them?

How could you look at me and
Ignore the feeling of your stomach shriveling up?
Ignore the guilt or the disappointment?
How could you look at me and
Deny it ever happened?
Don’t you feel bad?
Why didn’t you just tell me the truth?
That’s all I wanted,
But now it’s too late.

You walked right into a forest fire.
Everyone watched as you vanished into the sweltering heat.
I know you saw the trees torched in flames,
I know you herd crackling of the leaves burning.
But you walked out,
Only with your clothes burned to ashes.
You went home and changed,
Like nothing happened at all.
As far as I knew, it didn’t.

I’m hurt you made you’re way into that fire,
Knowing the risk you were willing to take.
You’re not proud of yourself now,
But you had to be proud then.
You couldn’t tell me, you thought it’d kill me inside.
But I found out anyway, no thanks to you.
Maybe your intentions wasn’t to shatter my heart,
But the pain is unbearable.
The wound that you left keeps burning.
The wound that you left leaves me miserable.
But I’ll walk away with my battered heart.
And I’ll keep walking,
Maybe even with a skip in my step.
Just knowing I’m free from you’re shady ways,
Puts a band-aid on my heart.
Because the next girl you cheat on,
Isn’t going to be me.

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