January 19, 2012
Frustration and anger are
Two totally different things
But they are always tied together.
Like the thunder after lightening,
One comes first then the next.
We can get angry because of our frustration,
And frustrated because of our anger.
Either way, they lead us down a
Dark and lonesome path.
Like a fire, it burns us from the inside out
And takes over our lives leaving nothing behind
But the ashes of our choices.
We are never the cause but we are all at fault
Anger is the reason for the bodies in the street.
The scars, the tears, the blood.
The good times seem to dissipate in the wind.
Anger, hate, revenge.
All you want it is revenge.
Anger is the reason for the shattered glass
In the living room,
And the broken hearts that it leaves behind.
Friendships, broken
Relationships, complicated
From gritted teeth
To the crack of a gunshot,
Anger results in many different ways.
Anger is the reason for the hate in this world.
We hide behind our masks just to conceal it
But it will always show
One way or the other.

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