January 19, 2012
It was a white Christmas
And I could hear the presents call.
So I rushed down stairs to see the tree standing oh so tall
An overwhelming feeling of joy, glee, and happiness took over me,
When I saw that my present count was more than three,
I scurried onto my knees
To see what was under the tree.
A box that was colorful and shiny
Just like the shimmering ocean sea.
I was so ready to see the inside of this box.
But I really hope that it’s anything
But those disgusting black rocks.
As I opened up the packaging,
I found myself tripping, fumbling, and rummaging,
Through the never ending paper.
So, my patience began to quiver, shake, and waver.
But after ending this brutal paper warfare,
I finally found a tiny blue car that was lustrous, shiny, and rare.
It brought me much joy
To see the shiny chrome rims on this finely crafted toy.
I was at bliss to see everyone gather.
Man, it was a Christmas that I’ll always remember.

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