Ice Storm

January 19, 2012
The ice burned my skin.
The snow was cascading down.
The wind was whistling
Louder than ever.
The trees were crying tears of ice.
Screaming a cry for help as they were
Encased in a Siberian cocoon.
I forgot to remember
How slick the ice was.
As I gently hit the ground,
I scream a whisper in pain.
Stunned, dead, unable to move
I lay there, in the frozen rain.
A warm chill ran down my spine
As gravity chained me down to the Earth.
My body painfully floated up
Like a puppet on broken strings.
I reconstructed my thoughts
And brought myself back to reality.
I felt the cold, sharp,
And gentle wind spread across
My body like a wildfire
As it granted me the willpower to move.
I slowly sprinted back inside
And let out a loud sigh of relief.
I was finally warm,
In this crazy ice storm.

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