January 19, 2012
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The TV shows bad news:
nasty weather ahead
whipping winds and cold hard rain
are headed our way.

In the camper I
await the storm.
Rocking side to side,
back and forth.
Outside we hear the whistling wind
with the anxious rain

pounding against the roof.
It' ok, no it’s not
is what’s going through my head.

I’m thinking of my parents
who are at home in bed.
Oh how I hate loving them,
if I didn't it wouldn’t
bother me so much
that I might get caught in a storm.
I fear getting hurt

or never seeing them again.
Sirens are singing their
horrible sound as I tremble so slightly
waiting for someone to come.

My friends and I are in
a calming panic,
staring silently at the TV,
not a plan within our worried brains.
With the camper quiet like an abandoned aged street.

At two in the morning we’d finally
had enough, its time to get up.
Outside we went into
the harsh nasty wind and the circling rain
headed for shelter that

wasn’t on wheels.
At ease, but scared
at that point I was
because who knows what the
tornado was tearing down around me.

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