Perfectly Horrible Ways

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Perfectly Horrible Ways

Your icy heart full of lies
Melts into mine
My gentle mind strains
from you and your manipulative games.

You took
everything I had,
And threw it back to me in the end
Like it meant nothing.

You, with your perfectly,
horrible ways
Took advantage of my pure heart,
that now lays worthless on the ground.

You put on your realistic, acting face
and made me believe in you.
Manipulated me into thinking
that loving you was worth it.

You gave me fairytale memories
that turned into horror stories.
Horror stories that filled my soft, innocent dreams
And turned them into nightmares

I was left in pieces
when you decided to get up and leave.
Some of my pieces sprinted away,
and may never be found again.

You took the most important parts of me
With your worthless self.
Those were the parts that made me who I was.

Your dark, damaging words set me on fire.
Until there was nothing left but ashes scattered all around.

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