My heart

January 19, 2012
By gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
gabriella garzon GOLD, Hammoton, New Jersey
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He has stolen my heart and burned it to ash,
Not once not twice,
But multiple times,
It he who shall not be named,
Has hurt me so much,
No not my rednecks,
Those are the ones I love,
My heart is dying,
Can anyone hear it crying,
So I have no heart,
That’s normal I guess,
People say I am a heartless person,
But heart beats quietly in the shadows,
By heart does beat,
If you’re really quiet you can hear,
The sound of a soft drum,
In the back of a room,
But it’s not a drum,
It’s the ice cold beat,
Of my heart of ash,
It fades to black,
Is there someone who can save it,
Then my heart is renewed,
There stands a funny nice young man before me,
I think I love him,
It took so long to noticed,
He could be the one,
But he wasn’t the one,
But he is my best friend,
Who I’ll always love,
So in the darkest of times,
I’ll think of him,
But my heart is burning again,
The ashes are coming back,
My heart is dying more,
Now my heart is crying louder,
I feel the warmth is gone,
The cold is back again,
There is no time,
To fix’s my ash and broken heart,
Can anyone hear my heart,
Has no beat,
Along with no hope,
My heart has no home,
It flew away just yesterday,
So day by day,
I ponder who will fix it,
But my heart has healed,
On its own,
With no one’s help,
But still it beats for him,
I am trying moved on,
The hardest part is we talk like nothing happen,
But in the deepest part of our hearts,
We both know it,
Sometimes we even show it,
But only when were alone,
Because no one can ever know,
So I now know something about you,
That I can’t even say,
Only because we are friend,
Even though you use everything,
I have told you,
Only against me,
But remember this just for me,
I may not be here,
As you older and fall apart,
Even when you cry think how I cried for you,
When you start to miss me think how I missed you,
When you love me just know this I don’t love you anymore,
Just cut yourself like I did for you,
So thanks for the lessons,
You taught me,
Learn from me…

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