Lucifer's Fall

January 18, 2012
By PennPoint GOLD, Austin, Texas
PennPoint GOLD, Austin, Texas
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From across the room, I watched her drink
That milk soft face , those dandelion eyes
She daintily pulls away from the moon bright cup
As she would pull away from a feather soft kiss

And there, suspended on her sunset red lips
Is a single drop
It seemed able to transfix and freeze
Even more than the beauty of it's host
That single perfect drop of liquid
Seemed a drop of starlight,
Dashed with the fire of the sun's dying rays
An unearthly, unexplained loveliness
In something so small
But then
Like the glorious Lucifer
It was engulfed and dragged down
By an ice-clear drop of reality
A tear
That broke the image, shattering it like a dream
A vision of a fallen star

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