Changes In The Weather

January 18, 2012
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Changes in the Weather
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Winter is the season that ends and starts each year
Bringing us together, with laughter and much cheer
Decorated trees illuminate the streets
Children behave year round for presents and tasty treats

Each year our family picks out a special tree
Dress it up in ornaments, lit up for the world to see
Glance outside the window, there’s a blanket of soft snow
Notice a smile on your face, from the intoxicating glow

Counting down the days till Christmas is always the worst
Full of so much excitement, you think you might just burst
When it finally arrives, you rush down the stairway
Wondering if Santa brought what you wished for in his sleigh

Say thanks for the presents, the day soon fades away
December is coming to an end, and you wish it would stay
Here comes the New Year with lots of things in store
This one will be better, you think that’s for sure

Kiss that special someone, as they drop the ball
Saying goodbye to last year, once and for all
The weather gets colder, it chills every bone
Some like to cuddle, some like to be alone

Here comes the month that drowns us in love
Make time for your loved ones, sent from up above
Indulge in candies, chocolate, and all the sweet words you hear
Remember every word, this day will surely soon disappear

Spring is just around the corner, time to reset our clocks
From the south, the birds come back, flying in their flocks
Color forms all around us as flowers start to sprout
Children have defrosted and resume running about

Everything is growing, the season of renewal
The sun and rain rejuvenate the earth, acting as their fuel
Birds chirp, sending musical notes throughout the air
Their cheerful tunes and vibrant colors are a perfect pair

The temperature is perfect, not too hot or warm
The sky fills with beautiful rainbows after a storm
Animals come out to play and butterflies dance around
The world is full of miracles waiting to be found

Perfect spring days are quickly put to rest
When summer comes around the corner, I like this one the best
This is the season that brings us endless fun
Free to do whatever we want, while soaking up the sun

The countdown is done, we are finally let go
Say goodbye to school; to freedom, say hello
Now begins the days of sleeping in too late
Never having to plan ahead on tomorrow’s fate

Fall asleep at six, or stay awake all night
There is no need to rise before the morning light
Spend hours at the beach, or stroll through the park
Either one can be done in daylight or saved for dark
Spend some time at the mall or enjoy the world outside
These are most enjoyable with a friend by your side
Lay out for hours, get a sunburn or a tan
Visit a concert and scream like you’re the biggest fan

Stay out all night, enjoy it with your friends
Sit around a fire, and hope it never ends
Sad enough, the seasons must go on
Try to hold on to summer, but it will never prolong

Hot, lazy days pass in the blink of an eye
Time to return back to school, you say with a sigh
Freedom has come and gone, it went by too fast
Oh how I wish those summer days had been made to last

Every school morning starts in unison with the sun
Many things to accomplish, too many to be done
Getting back in the swing of things is always very hard
School comes along too quick, catches us off guard

Take a moment to realize
All the changes before your eyes
The colors all around us are a rather nice surprise
My favorite part is the mesmerizing skies

They come in every color, swirling round and round
Or they might be clear blue, no clouds to be found
Either way they’re gorgeous and a lovely way to say
“You live free in New England, so enjoy everyday!”

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