The River's Song

January 17, 2012
By Lucero3 SILVER, Bellevue, Washington
Lucero3 SILVER, Bellevue, Washington
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Oh, the sound of water
Eloquent as a bluebird’s singing
Swells on the cliffs beyond
And echoes back; a haunting sound
Her music so splendid
The wind hushes the valley
And croons it’s whispered song
To better hear the water’s voice
But the water is a twisted tunnel
Holding secrets of past and present
Never sharing, only laughing
For the secrecy she beholds
Is an answer we will not know
She sings as she trickles down the rocks
That are wiser than she
They know more, and tire of her trickery
For when her surface stills
She lures the unsuspecting
Into her bleak, icy hold.

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