January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I wonder what life would be like

with NO stars in the sky,
And without u by my side
Man how time flies

Without u, all I would do is wonder
about what could have been
about why I miss you
without u, what could I do?

Alone in the world
here i am waiting for u
I can always wish upon a star
but not true

My heart breaks when I see you with her
my life is not in ruin by you
my life is not as cruel as you may think
because I was saved by thee

The one I care for
The one I have never met
who wont break my heart like you
Forever and always i wont let

u Fall to the ground
Die from your tears
Let me show you
What lies behind these retched mirrors

Don’t look at yourself the way you do
Because I will always be here for u
loving you is all I want
Because I love u, It is true

love me back

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