Dad's Advice

January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I talked to my dad
For the first time in what seemed like forever
I asked him for advice for the first time ever
I’d never ask unless I’ve hit rock bottom
So that tells you how I’ve been feeling lately
I just go through the motions and stare out blankly
I asked him
“Dad, have you ever been in love?”
He said
“Son, you know that I have,
I lost the one I love because of selfish things.
But why do you ask.”
I replied
“Because Dad I’m lost and confused over a girl,
I know that I’m young but I swear she’s my world.”
He said
“Son, I’m sure that she is,
And I know that you’re young,
But don’t let anyone tell you she’s not the one.
My only love was in high school
And I’ll never forget
I let her go, and now I drink in regret.
My son I’m only telling you this because life will beat you down on your own
I also tell you this
Because it’s better to be alone
If you have the chance to run away from love
I hope that you do
Because life and love will get the best of you
I know I shouldn’t say this
But I do it because I care
The pain of losing someone you love just doesn’t compare
You’ve seen me drink and not eat for days
I’m lost in the world with nothing to say
I turned to drugs to escape everything
I’m telling you this because life can do terrible things
I truly believe
That she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen
Something out of a movie or a magazine
I now know I should have asked her to marry me
I chose not to and so she’s gone
For the past thirty years everything has gone wrong
So son I beg you please, Don’t make the same mistake as me
Run away from her, I know it’ll be hard
Pain that will only be temporarily
I pray that I’m wrong
And life shows you differently
Be careful what you do
I couldn’t be able to bare that happening to you
You’ll shut down from the world
You’ll run from your dreams
Because you swear she's the greatest girl you've ever seen”
I said
“Dad, I know that you’re right
But I love her so much
And I think that she might”
“I beg you son, please
It’s time to give in
If she really loved you
She wouldn’t be with him
Son just listen
I’ve been through it all
I loved a girl and lost it all
I hide behind drugs and alcohol
My love is no where to be found
I would give anything to have her around
I’m the perfect example of how pain left me hating who I am
I beg you Aaron, run away as fast as you can
Boy listen to me because all is true
I won’t be able to live with myself if the same thing happens to you.”
I started to plead
“I’m just not strong enough to let her go”
“Aaron I understand, believe me, I know
But trust me son, it’s time to let go.”
“But that feeling when you’re with her
No it’s not much
But there’s no better feeling than when we touch
“I understand, remember I was there
I warn you because the pain of love lost just doesn’t compare.”
“Dad she’s perfect, if you met her you’d know”
“I’m sure that she is, I thought the same
Still time to let go...
I’m sure that she is even better than you claim
But run away now
Because if you get hurt, it’s myself I’ll blame
Love is not worth it because the pain that it brings
I’m telling you this now
Because love is a terrible thing
Just look at me
I push everyone away
I lay in the dark, drinking all day.”
“Dad, I’m sorry
I don’t know what to say
I hadn’t a clue you loved her that way
I would take your advice, but I wonder
What if it’s too late?
We both know letting go isn’t our best trait”
“It may be too late
But if not and you can still choose
Don’t go for love, There’s just too much to lose
Don’t get caught up on the girl you adore
Look to life and I promise you there will more.”

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