The Fine Art

February 8, 2012
Acting is what they call my job
I stand on the stage and act
I portray emotion
I sway hearts
I tell a story
I act
They say I can recreate
They say I can imagine
They say I can do anything
Wo are they
Who am I
The fine art of acting
To be in the light
To be the star
To change the script
To change a life
To spoil a secret
To ruin a relationship
To peel an apple?
I am life
I am death
I am fury
I am might
I am who I want to be
I am everything and nothing
To change the world
To destroy a life
What is acting
Oh what is acting
Can it be defined
Is it a real thing
Am I part of your imagination
The answers are limitless
The answers are invicible
There is a force that hold us
Yes it holds us on the stage
It keeps us in check
It is willpower
It changes people
It creates the fine art of……..ACTING

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