she hides

February 15, 2012
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she hide's in dark
there is always a shadow
coming down on her
she feel's misunderstood
threatened, scared,confused,
lonley, neglated
she trys to fake a smile
so everyone think's she is okay
but deep inside she's crying
from all the hurt deep inside

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tdads said...
Apr. 4, 2012 at 9:29 pm
Real, deep and leaves you wondering what she will do to get away from it all. Is there a second poem?
Terri said...
Apr. 1, 2012 at 10:11 am
Beautiful writing !!!!
lordluva_duck said...
Mar. 24, 2012 at 10:41 pm
Awesome! I feel like so many girls can relate to this for many reasons....Well really boys too. Love, peer pressure, family turmoil, and bullying just to name a few. Keep up the great work. It all started with a pen stroke with the greats! You will get there.
kaykaybeck said...
Feb. 19, 2012 at 6:43 pm
This was really really good. I felt the emotion in this poem and it is very relate able.
keagan replied...
Feb. 28, 2012 at 7:20 pm
thanks!!! :)
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