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I wish

By , dover, DE
In your arms I feel like no harm can come to me your my shield my armer that surrounds me you see what I try hide and all those little insecuritys that hold me back you still look past them and see who I am. I been around a lot and done some stuff that I probually shouldn’t of done but wasn’t thinking when I did I am not trying impress or scare you away but if you have seen what I have done would you still see the same me or see what most see. I am not trying impress or anything just looking in your eyes make these wonders appear what you would think if I told you something you would never forgive me for. I am sorry I did that I never ment this game I was playing last this long and get you involved it wasn’t ment to go this far. You have a heart gold that trying to show me what I have forgotten and turned my back on for so long. The sun shinng your way but I still hide in shadows and watch from a far where it don’t shine. I’m stuck in the world of darkness and sin and it like if you have sul get out of where I am. What I do and play around like saying play with firer and you will get burned I already got burnt and still playing with firer waiting get burnt again.
I wish I could tell you all I have done and still do but you would turn your back on me if I did you turn your back on me in second so I hide in the shadows so you can’t see into my eyes and see this guilt that’s eating me up.
Say you love me and I say I love you whats true but when you ask what I am thinking I must zipp my mouth shut and say it nothing not ready to choose you or the world that follows me where ever I go I will always love you no matter where I go or end up doing. I’m trying to get past but there part me still there lingering where it once belonged but shouldn’t be wondering in anymore the sea that once where I live but left because they had no room for me no more.
I promise one day all my heart will be yours or I will let you go not gonna let you end up in same path I have ended up in and not sure I can get out of it too dark and long to see through yet I wonder around looking for the exit haven’t found it yet.
Baby please don’t think bad of me you’re the sun that I am looking for but just can’t yet please forgive o me I love you and will give you my heart your my world my everything no matter what I may say or do I wish I could of seen you before all this happened. I am sorry for all I have done wrong

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