Broken Unbreakable Barriers

January 17, 2012
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Mexico such a beautiful place to be.
Mexico forms a though human being.
Mexico is poor and not enough money gained.
People breaking their backs in pain
just to feed their children.
But with what, there is barley any pay.

So we come to the country of opportunities
with so much efforts.
No we don’t come here to take jobs away
but to come and seek for a better living.
We Mexican get much criticism by those
who think are better than us.

Truth is we are all human beings.
We come here to break walls that seem unbreakable.
We cross the border, learn a new language, kids start a whole
new world in school, then the hardest part is when
one is need of a job.
The requirements, the stress, and not being able to understand
this whole new world, tries to knock us down
but once again we are able to break that barrier that seems

That is what makes us, Mexicans invincible.
Most of the time we achieve what we want.
While some of us don’t.
Yes many of you might say we are not
good at anything.
Or that we are stupid or that all we
can afford or eat is beans and rice.
Just think about your ancestors.

Before you open your mouth to criticize
any Mexican in a bad way think about the
effort, the sweat, and the pain that most of
illegal immigrants go through just to
achieve something good in life
and be proud of breaking the unbreakable

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