After Ever Happily

January 17, 2012
Just stop
for a moment
I know what’s on your mind

Money, Lust, Bad and Worse
unspoken horrors
of all kind

You only think of hardships
and tears
You only live in nightmares
and fears

And you count all your losses
as if for show

When was the last time
you simply let go?

When was the last time
you gazed at the sky
and realized
just how lucky you are?

To be healthy
and happy and
with love and with care
have come so incredibly far

When was the last time
you stopped looking and saw?
Past your ugly shades and your ego of god
your own imperfections and flaws?

Can’t remember?
Doesn’t matter!
Honestly, what do I care?

About your ugly past
and your yucky future,
I think of my own well fare

Don’t expect me to be sad
I’m not kissing up to your ass
and I certainly won’t tell you
what you want to hear

I’ll never feel bad
Ill be a pain in your back
a sharp aching knife
that leaks deadly fear

Ill tell you the truth
I don’t care if you’re strong
I don’t care if I’m right
I don’t care if you’re wrong

So here’s the truth:
It’s that NOBODY cares!
About you’re lousy past
and your stupid fails

YOU control
your own damn life
not him or her or that or those
you could have changed
and turned it around
if only you had truly chose

But guess what?
You’re not dead until you are
You still have time,
you can still go so far!

So what if you made
a few mistakes?
Motivation and courage
is all it takes

To get back on your feet
and off your lazy bum
TRY again
to make life good
Break into a fearless run.

Just don’t let the bad run your life
Don’t let the worse ruin your soul
Don’t let evil rot your heart
And don’t let your past swallow you whole.

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