My Own Addiction

January 17, 2012
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She’s got her hat on, collar up, and some skinned up knuckles

She’s on her way to the next race, hoping to win a buckle

The trailer’s loaded, the windows are down, and her dog’s riding shotgun

Nothings on her mind except for her soon to be smokin’ run

Last weekend almost broke her; no money to bring home

Now she’s gotta win one, to pay the bills and loans

She swears she’ll quit this lifestyle someday

But today it’s just three barrels, her, and ‘ole Gray

It’s almost as if her body craves the let downs, disappointments, and bad fates

But all is forgotten as soon as she takes off through center gate

Her knees are just a small reminder of all the pain she’s had to suffer

For they are covered in scars and dents, making her tougher

As she pulls up to the arena, a smile crosses her face

Because she knows this is where she’s meant to be, this exact time and place

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