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January 17, 2012
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The old run down building
That they claim to be a school.
Filled with, lies and false hope.
Kids gather here in hope of achievement.

After school activities,
Supposed to bring the best out in every child.
We would play the game,
For nothing more then fun.
Playing the game was a way to get away
From the dreaded hours of schooling.
Every kid counting down the hours.
looking forward to be able to go hang with friends
And just have a good time.

As time grew older and the kids ways began to change,
The attitude towards the game was not far behind.
The once friendly match of basketball had evolved.

Free, friendly summers got smashed and compacted,
Filled with more work
Practices got harder and more intense,
Filled with more time.

Now there is only one goal,
Pounded and forced into the kids minds
To win!
No longer was the game about having fun,
Or being with friends
Every morning when you get up,
Every time you set foot onto the wooden floors,
Everything you do everyday,
Is too win!!!!

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