January 17, 2012
Its cold outside. Very cold. O so firkin cold… wait was I talking about shnow right

Its cold outside and the snow is falling
Snow burns as hot as fire and the air freezes as warm as socks
The snow is falling..Fallling…falling.

I dance around in the lushes’ snow that feels like a pile of dust
I slip on the snow and make snow angles
Our snow angles come to life
They grab my hand to show me the light.. The life
They whisper into my ear nix, lux, and Vitaa
As they seek they starts that hide within the light

The journey has ended as they go away
They fade as light as a shade of gray blending in with the day
They showed me a land of snow ..A unique beautiful land of snow
…….I saw the Vitaa… the lux

to worship the day.. is to praise the day.. we be the day
because today is the day of snow.

The snow is falling o so lighly
In tiny rows o so slightly
The snow hit the ground with a pitter-patter.

All this snow falling down, down, down, down, down
Outside in all of this bold snow
But they ignore the fact that it’s still cold.
We should be great full for all this shnow
As I fall low were the snow is

Imagine our place our planet, this place with no snow
Were the grass is dying and there is now snow lying
Were the grasses is little and the land is low.
This place this planet with no shnow…
And without the snow we cannot grow.
Because without snow there is no hope.

All hope is gone………..foverever “omnes vona er tapt”

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