Winter's Curse

January 17, 2012
Age had never been a factor
Love was love - nothing less
62 years ago, they exchanged vows

But their bond strengthened daily
The elderly lovers strolled through the town park as they customarily did

Bundled in sweaters and linked by delicate fingers,
They walked against the crisp November breeze

As they neared their beloved bench beneath the shade of the ancient Oak tree,

They paused to rest
The frail man helped his aging wife sit down and then

Kissed the tip of her nose,
Causing her already rosy cheeks to turn a bloody-crimson

She allowed her mind to wander into the past
Since the day she met her husband, the couple walked in the park
And sat on the bench together after dinner
In 64 years, the two of them never missed even one day

64 years ago: under this very tree, they went on their first date
62 years ago: he proposed to her under the gnarled limbs
12 years ago: they celebrated their 50th anniversary on the bench beneath the tree
Now: it was time for yet another life-changing moment to occur in its shade
One that would change everything.

A tear streaked her cheek as she told him the news
This tear was soon accompanied by many of her husband’s
They sobbed in the company of each other until the sun said its farewell

Then began their walk home,

Their path lit solely by the crescent moon

Weeks went by but their daily walks continued

Living in the moment; savoring every second
Soon the old lady lost her strength to stand

But she refused to let that keep her

From her tree; or her husband
The man nobly took on the chore of gingerly placing her

In her wheelchair and pushing her along the trail

A month passed and Fall turned to Winter

But the daily walks didn’t cease
Each day after dinner, the old man would walk to his tree to be with his wife.
As he arrived one evening, he noticed the changing season; It was much colder outside

And Winter’s Curse had left the couple’s loving tree bare and dead

The widower sheds a tear as he places a rose on his spouse’s grave

And sits on the bench under the lifeless tree

Under it

Buried his lifeless wife.

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