Brilliance in Fear

January 16, 2012
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In the in-between time, when sleep draws close
like a kiss of death on a suffering soul,
or the passion of two lovers, in gentle embrace,
in those moments, when all of life outside of yourself
ceases to exist, there, I thrive.

To wonder aimlessly amongst the trees
of an ever green forest, smelling the pine and fresh dew,
or sit on calm beach, surrounded by the sound of crashing relaxation
where one can sit and think without fear of ridicule, rejection, and reprimand.
There, in the realm of the imaginary reality, I thrive.

To wander for hours in mere moments
and discover the many folds of oneself.
Or marvel at the complexities of this,
our many-faceted world.
In these times, I thrive.

How many thoughts have ever been thought?
How many times were good ideas wasted,
simply because out of fear of the reaction?
Is it a crime, to let good ideas die?

Why brilliance should be given
to the fearful, it is beyond me.
To be able to speak what is yours,
is an amazing gift, and the thoughts behind
are more brilliant than the stars in the sky
above an ever green wonderland.

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