But it's Not

January 16, 2012
By 180ann BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
180ann BRONZE, Loveland, Ohio
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It’s fine, and dandy, and whatnot
But it’s not

The months go on
They say let a bygone be a bygone
But it’s not

You started a fire inside my soul
And instead of growing weaker it’s just grown old
This goes against everything I’ve been taught and told
This should be over ten-fold
But it’s not

I felt so bad, guilty deep down inside
And it took a lot for me to apologize
I’m also sorry I was too cowardly to say it to your eyes
You said it was fine
But it’s not

Where’s my apology?
Aren’t you also sorry?
Do you not know how much you hurt me?
Or am I just the bad guy, the enemy?
Well, I’m not

I deserve more
You said I’m immature
But I’m not

I still don’t think you understand
The pain, hurt, betrayal, and confusion I suffered at your hand
And now I don’t feel so sorry
And now I’ve come face to face with hypocrisy
A quality I don’t want associated with me
Kind of like the stuff you think is “funny”
But it’s not

So Miss Fish, let this swim through your head
You changed my heart from pink to red
And I won’t stop until it’s pink again
You make think this whole ordeal is done and dead
But it’s not

Because you’re not
Because I’m not
Because we’re not

The author's comments:
When you're best friend breaks your heart, it may sound just like another adolescent sob story, but it's not! It hurts in a way we've never felt before, and it's hard to get over.

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