The Woods

January 16, 2012
The sharp scent of wood penetrates the air,
I take a deep breath, leaves crunch under my feet.
The breeze carries the melodic chirps of the birds.
The wind wraps around me like a cool blanket.
The trees seem to whisper and giggle like children as I walk by,
The tips of my fingers trailing along the rough bark.
I reminisce of being a child,
Climbing the fence and running around,
We frolicked among the towering trees.
The bulging clouds stand out,
White against the light blue sky.
Then the sun set bringing a melody of colors to the sky,
Beautiful to any artist’s eye.
The stars would come up,
Crystals in the dark blue,
Smiling down at me.
I sit for a while,
Leaning against the ragged shed.
Then quietly I whisper my goodbye into the night,
And I skip back up the hill,
Anticipating another tranquil day in my favorite place.

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