Life Goes On

January 16, 2012
Life Goes on
I'm from decorating Christmas cookies and coloring Easter eggs. From a chocolate fudge recipe past down from generation to generation. From singing the all too familiar birthday song. From going to Grandma's house on Thanksgiving to eat the best apple pie around. From sneaking in a few fireworks on the Fourth of July. From scary Halloween parties and trick-or-treating till dusk.
I'm from cozy furniture on a stained carpet. From paintings and celebrities covering every inch of the bedroom walls. From overflowing photo albums. From where you have to hide your favorite thing too keep them “safe”. From a classy kitchen that always seems to have a draft. From flooded basements and creaking doors.
I'm from musical instruments to mayhem. From "stop fighting!" and "it's my turn!" From "I love you" and "I'm sorry." From hugs and kisses. From cranky, old neighbors that hate children. From family movie and game nights that never work out. From Modern Family and The Middle. I'm from all the girls huddled in the living room to watch our favorite soap opera. From watching a family friend play in band.
I'm from dirty diapers piled high in the garbage can and screaming kids. From "Go get the baby out of her crib!" From bedtime stories and good-night prayers. From finger paintings and Duck Duck Goose. From sharing toys and good laughs. From costumes and dance recitals. From endless swim meets. From tackling people in rugby.
I'm from dog-shaped trees in the patted-down grass. From a lively garden filled with daffodils, roses, and daisies. From bright red bushes and a tree that has a birds nest every year. I'm from playing on the swing set. From shooting hoops till sun down. From kick the can and ghost in the graveyard. From forts made out of blankets with chairs to hold them up.
I'm from camping every hot summer weekend. From blazing fires burning our marshmallows. From pizza for breakfast. From baking sweets that never turn out as planned. From inviting friends over to swim. From too many shopping bags to hold. From doing ignorant things for friend's enjoyment. From midnight sandwiches. From sleepovers with scary movies. From double sleepovers and going to McDonalds everyday for a cone. From blasting music and singing around the house. I'm from friends and family who have always been there for me.

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