a cry in the night

January 16, 2012
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my friend calls
at a quarter to 8
asking if I could go out for a drink
I said give me an hour and I will pick you up
I got dressed up and ready to party
as I attach my last earring
you arrived at the door
we got to the club
and one drink turned to twenty
she said I'm broke its time to go
so get ready
only they way out two people bummed a ride
looked around not a cop insight
speeding down the road
music up so loud i couldn't think
people laughing and shout to go along with it
all confused my head starts spinning
I couldn't see anything
that's when my car started spinning
I hear a loud boom
and everything was silent
then everything when dark
I laid there thinking I must of pulled over
and fell asleep
I tried to wake my friend beside me
I had a awful headache
my head was wet
I stepped outside
I touch me head and the pain increased
I looked at my hand and realized it was blood
my heart started beating faster and faster
I blink one twice
hoping I was just having a bad dream
I seen another car in front of my
I ran to the car
I heard a baby cry as i opened to door
its mother suffocated to death
I ran to my car and realized me
and that tiny life in the back seat where the only ones who made it
I grabbed my phone from my coat and called the cops
I still hear that cry in the middle of the night
I still see the pain in the little ones eyes
one I couldn't take back one i couldn't heal
that's the pain i will always feel
I should have died that night
and its about time I made it right

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