Never Again

January 16, 2012
By montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
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What a waste of tI'me, said forever a friend

hate the lying & i found out in the end

on the ground crying

i know you hear my sound, i was close to dying

Now I'm looking down, we both stopped trying

Always he’d say

if i need him he’d be there

after i awake i say please

only if i had enough strength

id tell him what i really need

& were at the begining of the end

He doesnt see it, pretending i can do it

at my strongest point and i break down

said it was all me who did wrong

couldnt wait, together for so long

the only one who took in all i said

till i called it, in the end

after i asked for you to wait

i needed a friend, all you could do is hate

ill be okay in the end

just gunna go away and run

think about my fait

i put it all in and got back none

i controll my heart rate

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