In This World All Alone

January 16, 2012
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Nothing but the memories that i hold
the only mind i can trust is my own
ready to fly away in the cold
look up to the sky
steadily I'm going in my own world
and the only ones ill let stand by me
are the ones who wont forget the promises
and who wont lie to me
All i see is darkness
The thought of us again
Got me looking beyond all the rest
Never did i really want it to end
The hold was too tight
You were more then my best friend
That night no more could i pretend
it was alright
I told you i wasn't that flexible
broke during the back bend
choked on the real facts and
i got my clothes and packed
i remember i called it ends
even when i said forever
ill be your girlfriend
Learned words never tend to stay
I'm sorry i turned and ran away
Realized at night why i always stay awake
Disguised myself, i was about to break
but i made it look like it was all okay
When really with out you i was going down hill
without any breaks
till that day you came and took me away
you promised me everything was gonna be okay.

During this break i sat and thought about
all that it takes to get to the place we were at
thought it was all going to waste
when i was the one who couldn't face it
boy I'm so happy you chased it
at first i wanted to erase the memories
but in reality we had too much replacing to do
and when i tried erasing you it was like it lost myself too

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