I Was Told

January 16, 2012
By montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
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Ya i want to win putting me heart in it getting rid of every sin ill admit it the lights went dI'm hard too see all the fights were the only thing on my mind on the air plane, i didn't know what id find staying in the fast lane i was told I'm one of a kind alone in the cold the happiness inside was hard to find the feeling got old i couldn't stand the lying that's the only thing he did and when my father looks at me i hope hes dieing i don't want to care, I'm trying but in this world nothings fair on my birthday i wonder if my name is near. But again you were never here the only thing you taught me is men say a lot then turn around like a shot everytI'me it brings me down eventually you'll be caught i just need to get through it meantally because without that its difficult to see whats meant to be

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