January 16, 2012
By montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
montana1039 SILVER, Newburyport, Massachusetts
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So many listen to liars who are trying to hit it but always missing sooner or later the youth will understand all the little children who don't get the truth because the reality of the world is hidden some give us nothing but the truth in the end whats the point when everything put out you lose? Crews come and go keep going until you find proof that not everyone you gain you will someday lose. as my life moves these words are becoming I'mpossible to prove. everything valuable will leave a bruise acting like I'm not writing the blues love comes with so much that can confuse. definition of an angle looking for trust but is doubtful she doesn't control her power living in the right book but wrong chapter hiding pain never showing her real power living in a world with guilt and laughter no dad to tell her where to put the armor instead he went all the way to harm her grew up in a life of a gangster, her mom told her all men are players, when she tried to offer she never got any takers. she was told that what she gone through should only make her stronger but then she stopped and asked god, what if she couldn't take it any longer?

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