Invitation to Imagination

January 16, 2012
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I have begun to foster motivation
By denying myself of worldly inebriation
I have become happy at the sight of my creation
By the hands that unearthed the stone of my foundation
A rise of happiness, a surge of inflation
For a world that once thrived off of one’s desecration
Once barren, once thought of as a desolation
Now is looked unto as the pinnacle of elation
A simple reminder, a close knit relation
Of a story so old, it escapes memorization
Somebody once said love was a carnation
A mesmerizing touch to the world’s frustration
A gasp of brilliance in a moment of hesitation
Lucidity in reality, ignoring the process of degradation
For it rings true all throughout this nation
Not a day goes by that we don’t yearn for vacation
We want to flee to a world where stress becomes evaporation
Yet we want to hold on to memories, like clouds to condensation
Even if we do escape we sometimes face pain, flowing like perspiration
Like a mid-morning brewing blend of coffee undergoing percolation
I always wanted to wake up, taste something new—my gustation
I always had a dream, where vision was my only sensation
Luckily dreams like that, they do have expirations
Seeing is believing, but alone it is exasperation
And to live a life such as that would provide nothing but irritation
To say I would be happy like that would be nothing but exaggeration
For if the only thing I leave with in life is an others admiration
I can die happy knowing I lived what most men call: a life of liberation
Sometimes though life rains upon you, a monsoon of precipitation
It is without a warning, what life calls an arbitrary indication
We must look at the big picture, ignore others accusations
If we don’t, we may succumb to life and its temptations
Most of all I don’t want to die alone—die amongst inner starvation
I want to walk the transcending white light into that unknown destination
For if the only thing not known about heaven is its exact location
Why do people deny the fact paradise may be under their notation?
The plague, the disease, the ever lingering mutation
Is that we cast the role of the effector before the causation
We fail to give gratitude to those we love, we lack citation
Some of us exhibit movement decided by earth’s rotation
Those are the fallacies of man, the extremist dictation
Then they are those of us who fail to live up to society’s expectations
The weak, the broken, the kindhearted deflation
We all seek normalcy in a world of stagnation
We deny others basic rights, while we push condemnation
Then there the rest of us who constantly seek augmentation
We provide the rest of the world with manmade innovation
We are bold, yet the backbone of us lacks inspiration
We tire quickly under a process of aggravation
Because those of us who face life like this are merely decorations
Ornamental beauty in a world of arbitration
I want to be different; I want to be me; I want animation
If I was to leave soon, I would rather it be by evacuation
To a place where I could see you, my connotation of adoration
For if I lie down tonight, and my dreams become my sedation
Please don’t abhor the fact that my mind lacked proper propagation
The human mind is one of life’s intricacies, it succeeds in blissful fabrication
Dreams are its motif, a sole proprietor of reality coping with its fluctuation
If life was to undergo cessation, I couldn’t imagine more than an invitation
An invitation to a better tomorrow, an invitation to imagination

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