Appreciating Things

February 13, 2012
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Appreciating Things
By:Lynnelle Crutcher

You need to appreciate the things you have,
Some people don’t have the things you have,
You have a chance to live,
Like the Baby in Unwind who was storked to death,
“The baby had been passed around the neighborhood for a whole two weeks.”
“You murdered Amp, Jeeves, and the rest of the Goldens”
Says Connor,
He died a bad death,
Today might be someone’s last day to live,
Like the bus driver in Unwind,
“The windshield is smashed and its covered in blood.....lots of it”
Lost his dear life,
Worrying about necessities,
Worrying about the newest Jordan’s,
But these 13-18 year olds are worrying if they will be able to see their next birthday,
Like Risa,
StaHo child not able to call someone her own,
Unwinding her is the only thing they can do,
“Risa please”,
Only thing they can say,
No sorry, No nothing,
Her life is over,
Risa, Lev, Connor,
Three kids that have horror,
Of being unwound under their will,

“Inspired by Unwind by Neal Shusterman”

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