The Power of Fear

February 9, 2012
One day, not too long ago, a chain of events changed our lives. They tore the strongest of us down, and brought the proudest of us to tears.
We once had two tall towers that stood proudly side by side. They were the center of our world trade, and the work place of many Americans.
A foreign terrorist group took it upon themselves, to show us how we had doomed ourselves.
They captured four planes and aimed them at our hearts: one for our Pentagon, one for our White House, and one for each of the Twin Towers.
The one headed for the White House was gratefully unsuccessful. However it is only because of brave American citizens that brought that plane down.
Another plane flew towards the Pentagon. It crashed and burned threatening our country’s defenders.
The last two planes hit their mark, sending our towers crashing to the ground. Our twins along with many working, American citizens fell that day filling us with sorrow.
Our country grieved and our armies went to war. America was fighting back against those who had come into our home and attacked us.
But no amount of revenge could bring us back our security. We had now been sabotaged within our own borders by people we thought we could trust.
Now our airports have tight security. We no longer trust people of certain faiths. We feel the need to spy on each other to convince ourselves that we can be safe once again.
Only one thing drove us to such measures of protection. It is neither death nor a military strategy.
It is the power of fear.

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