Not His Type

February 9, 2012
By Anonymous

It seems that you are the kind of guy that loves loves loves
To fall in love with
The Type-A supermodel skinny valedictorians
Who listen to NPR and stay on a strictly
Well-balanced diet
With their good natured smiles that seem to say I know things that
You never ever will
Oh, hey there, did you hear, she’s going to Yale?
National Honor Society, Perfect GPA, goes to the soup kitchen after school
Prom Queen, Class President, Thank You note’s already sent
And I am
Utterly forgettable full of imperfections
I eat too much junk food, I’m not sure of my convictions
My hair is volatile and my body’s not perfection
Math problems overwhelm me they make me want to die
And I And I And I
Can see why you so adore her
But I could show you a world with so much, so much more color and
I am not the type to fall for boys who talk about history lectures as the highlight of their day but you
Are different; everyone knows what you’re destined for is surely truly great
And I know that I cannot commiserate I am a rocking boat in the middle of a placid lake
I am just the girl that paints and reads and never goes to parties because they make her anxious
I like Audrey Hepburn movies and Tumblr and sneaking outdoors and dancing in the rain
And she is the girl who’s already starring in her own life, best actress for sure
I wish I had her talent of miraculously completing fill-in-the-bubble-tests
So I could be a neurosurgeon or a brilliant rocket scientist
Or whatever else
She’s a perfect woman and I’m just an average girl
I’m a crayon drawing and she is this amazing, complicated, mysterious Monet
And I don’t even know what I can say to make you think of me in any other way
You boys who like the preppy Jacqueline Kennedys with Angelina Jolie looks to see
Don’t forget about imperfect girls like
Like me

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