Stop and Stare

February 9, 2012
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Look at me
stop and stare
yeah, you see me
but do you see what's really there?!

A broken girl
with no father
no guy influence
I'm my mother's daughter

I'm easily hurt
sometimes a jerk
I can be lazy
often willing to work

I like to make you laugh
I'm usually very happy
not one for love
don't like things sappy

there is one
I'd do so much for
he's my boyfriend
and so much more

No he's not perfect
but he's trying for me
much of him is broken
pain you wouldnt believe

Like it or not
In him I see me
broken and in a daze
your love is the key

Honestly I'd be okay without him
but when he's around everything's bright
It's like I was in the dark
and he's that growing light

Look at me
feel free to stare
look at me
do you see what's really there?!

A self conscience girl
who hides behind smiles
with an imperfect past
and a man in denial

I see my family once a year
I often don't trust
and I'm less apt to love
often it's only lust

I'm out of place
and I often feel alone
like the world is moving on without me
while I'm stuck at home

Yes, I'm often happy
smiling ear to ear
but if you'd look closer
you might see a single tear

So next time you stop
decide to stare
take the time to look
and see what's really there.

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