February 9, 2012
By kiara herndon SILVER, Lonwood, Florida
kiara herndon SILVER, Lonwood, Florida
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So sick of hearing how others
are in the wrong
take that Christian over there
hitting that bong

They hide behind a mask
a facade of innocence
to hide the wrong doing
as if it's only past tense

I get that you go to church
you may even like it too
yeah he may forgive
but should YOU forgive you?!

You go to church each weekend
lie to yourself throughout the week
honey it's not God you're needing
it's self acceptance that you seek

Yes, I believe in God
love Jesus praise the Lord
but will he let you upstairs
when you're laid down in the morgue?!

You really think he wanted liars?!
A bunch of man-made inventions
You think when he gave his life
those were ANY of his intentions?

If you're so hung up on God
and what he thinks of you
then why do you DO every single sin
expecting an I forgive for that sin TOO

If you care so much about him
why commit the sin
why smoke, drink, steal and beat
yet expect a golden ticket in

Just because you go to Church
sing your favorite song
that doesn't repent your sins
that you do all week long

He shouldn't have to forgive
just don't commit the sin
practice what you preach
or I hope you aren't let in

Sure you can sin, as I do too
But don't walk out of that church Sunday
Preach about how you're better than me
to steal and kill on Monday.

The author's comments:
Just something I wrote after my friends mom (who smokes weed and parties) told me I was going to hell because I wasn't baptized..

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