How Far Away Is Far>

February 10, 2012
In my dreamland of blissful peace
It suddenly turns into an endless sleep
I see his face and start to run
I look back at him and there's the gun

I push myself as hard as I can
My legs rejecting for the miles that I've ran
I trip and I fall down
And she's closer to me now
Holding the gun, wonder if they'll hear the sound?

I look at his face and reach for his hand
I touch him, he disappears and he's dead
What did I do to this man?

I walk around in my dreamland of endless sleep
Wondering how could I get back to my blissful peace
what did I do to get in this awful place?
Somehow I wish I could see the man's face

I turn around and there his is
and I can't believe that face is his
What was so vile, now is beautiful
the emotion on his face was sorrowful

My legs began running before I knew what I was doing
I look at his face, it's like a painting
As I get close, he gets further away
Faster and faster I run, why can't he stay

Something flashes and I'm awake
clinging to my sheets and sweat on my face
Wish I could go back to my dreamy place
Wish I could go back and see his face.

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