sinking love

February 12, 2012
By JosephGreene BRONZE, Avon, Connecticut
JosephGreene BRONZE, Avon, Connecticut
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I have experienced the euphoria of adoration. I know what it means to be unappreciated. But I never knew such different emotions could go hand in hand with each other. My boat of emotions has been built. Its power is unlike anything that has been seen before. I feel that nothing can bring me down. I begin the voyage. At first it is smooth sailing. The waves of judgment crash against the bow. As the waters calm I begin to let my guard down. Feeling secure with my emotions, I put the vessel into cruise control. Nobody is driving my boat. I wake up the next morning. My walls have been torn as if I have run into an unforeseen object. My boat starts to sink. As I crawl for my life, I see my emotions filling up with uncertainty. As I leap for my life I see the side of my boat. It reads Titanic. My ship is sinking. I want to reach out, but there is no hand to grasp. I fall beneath the waves. Someone save me.

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