The Stew

January 21, 2012
By Anonymous

The night's so cold and I'm feeling so old
Age is like mold
Slowly decaying, like a vampire slaying
The lights are swaying
The horses neighing
It's a quiet night without the fright
The might that one could bring from a terrible sight
The terrible sight that draws you in tight
Represents the message that you shouldn't fight
You shouldn't fight for a cause don't believe in
Have faith to the gamble for a win
Don't worry about sin
It's within!
Within the waters like when men try to be good fathers
The days are still new and the grass can't always be wet with dew
I hear the tomatoes bubbling on the stew
The stew that made even the strongest men

The author's comments:
This was a very spontaneous poem. I had always been interested in the weaving of words to create a rhyme and that greatly influenced this piece.

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