The Blue Knight

January 21, 2012
By DragonRider1231 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
DragonRider1231 SILVER, Potosi, Missouri
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Darkness is all around you
And no one is there
When darkness consumes you
A blue light will appear

The stream of light
Holds his blue porcelain rose
And what is left of his love, power, and might
Is in the stream of light

When you reach out to touch the rose
The stream of light disappears
Then the Blue Knight suddenly appears
And a single tear escapes your grasps

The Blue Knight holds out his hand
And you wonder
If he is the real man
You wander…

You wander through your mind
Searching for a lost memory of him
Then you stop…and think…
Maybe it is the Blue Knight

No more tears have fallen
And when you take the Blue Knight’s hand
A brilliant flash of light overflows your eyes
You blink a lot to clear your sight

Your mind runs blank in the dizziness
You hold something precious in your hand
Once your vision is clear
The darkness takes over again

You fall to your knees and realize
You’re holding the Blue Knight’s blue rose
The sadness of tears that agonize
Roll down your warm cheeks

A light warm had rests on your shoulder
You smile at his voice
But you are still crying
He says, “That was your choice.”

The author's comments:
I included this poem in my first book of the trilogy I am writing, at this point in time. A character in my book is called the Blue Knight and he always rescues my main character from the clutches of evil. Now my main character has to save him.

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