Headlines and Headstones

January 21, 2012
By N.D.S. SILVER, Brewster, Massachusetts
N.D.S. SILVER, Brewster, Massachusetts
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"The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it." - Flannery O'Connor

I do not remember the world they miss,
The world I know has always been dying,
The only world I know is this,
Where the economy’s crashing and people are crying.
The world I know has always been thus,
Where debating means to scream and cuss.
Like headless chickens, into the future we’re flying
To the soundtrack of our tired sighing.

And the headlines read like headstones,
As we hold on with our bleached white bones,
To how they say things were just yesterday,
To things that are irreversibly slipping away.

These headlines read like headstones.
As we default on countless loans
We took from fortune long ago,
And look lucklessly for where to go.

These headlines read like headstones,
Because what we’ve lost isn’t money or power
It’s the ability to unite in dire hour-
To give up a little of “mine” to save more of “our”
In the face of the good fight, we now cower.
We’ve lost the logic of our mind
We’ve lost the love of our heart
And only now we’ve come to find
That we’ve run out of new places to start.

And this is how a nation dies,
With hot-headed shouts and tired sighs,
Now I can see with my own eyes,
That standing still in the fire is most unwise,
And we’ve never known the way to go,
Save to somewhere better than the status quo,
And we’ve never known what next to do,
Save justice, truth and happiness pursue,
But now we’re scared of those great unknowns,
And so these headlines read like headstones.
I just hope that the first time we see the dead canary
Isn’t on the way to the last-words cemetery.

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