Dear Joseph

February 6, 2012
By LoveMePlease SILVER, Concord, Massachusetts
LoveMePlease SILVER, Concord, Massachusetts
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Dear Joseph,
We grow up fast here on the Jersey Shore.
Running the two square miles of town
Bare feet slapping the pavement
Running so fast it feels like flying
Watching as the adults leave one by one
Going out “celebrating”
Reveling in the smell of bagels
And salt water
On quiet mornings
Sinking into the mysterious depths
Of the ocean when it’s black
When the moon hangs high in the sky
And the world stops
We come from a world of
“I’m fine”
And “everything’s okay”
And seeing the hurt
But pretending to believe
We come from misplaced love
And misplaced hate
From spinning and whirling and tumbling
Below the waves
From not knowing which way is up
From taking guesses and hoping for the best
We live on the hot sand and the cold ocean
Breathing in the water like it’s air
Filling our lungs with the only life we get to live
Before it’s all over
And you’re just another man
Reliving in your stories
Hiding your pain

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