February 6, 2012
By NoaBecker SILVER, Warnsveld,
NoaBecker SILVER, Warnsveld,
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Favorite Quote:
Rose: You're crazy.
Jack: That's what everybody says but, with all due respect, Miss, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship here.

All we want to be is misunderstood
And drink and get high like teenagers should
But we’re born from Love and raised by Acceptance
Educated by Equality and taught by Intelligence
Nothing is wrong but nothing is the way we want it
Because we always want something else
Something we can not have
That is the only thing missing from our otherwise perfect lives
The mistakes we can not make and the paths we do not take
Someone else always chooses for us to do the right thing
Even when we don’t want to
And we dare not look in the mirror when we know
That we would have done wrong without them
That we do them no justice
We are tired of being honest
We are tired of the Understanding and Openhearted
How they deprive us of our flaws
How they take away our right to draw attention to the world
We are filled with hate but it is only hollow
Deep down we know that Righteousness means no harm
Only good intentions
Which fade away
So quickly
When the damage has been done.

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