Dixie Stampede

February 6, 2012
By Melissa Stone BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
Melissa Stone BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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When we pull into the parking lot, of the Dixie Stampede I feel excited. You get out of the car and you smell the horses in the stables. When we get there I love to walk in the stables and pet the horses.

When you walk into a really big building you see lots of people all over the place. We walk over to this guy and he takes our picture with the whole family. Then we walk into this this really big arena with seats and tables. In the middle is a huge dirt arena. There are actors with clothes from the 1800's.

You hear lots of people talking all over. There is music playing all through the building. Even though the music is very loud i can hear the horses running on the dirt arena. When the show starts you hear the actors talking.

I don't like the smell of dirt so thats a down side to the experience. They have all different kinds of animals like pigs and ostriches. So there are a lot of different smells of animals. My favorite thing to smell there most of all is the food.

At the Dixie Stampede you get a 3 course meal. Did i happen to mention that you get to eat it with you're fingers? Well you do its the best part! My sister Heather the first time we ever went there and we got the soup she asked us were are the silverware and my mom said there is none and she freaked out but by the end she thought it was pretty fun. The first round is the soup the kind of soup you get broccoli cheese. Next comes the main food. You get bread, potatoes, pork, corn on the cob, and my favorite of all is the whole rotisserie chicken. I call them pidgins don't ask why. To drink I get a virgin strawberry daiquiri. The last thing to go is the dessert which is a apple turnover with melted ice cream on top. I love all the different types of food.

The different things you feel are the foods of course. You also feel the fur on animals. My favorite ones to pet are the horses. You feel lots of things all around you. The one I feel most is the seat I sit in.

If you ever go to Gatlinburg, Tennessee or Branson, Missouri go there. My whole family can guarantee you it that you and your family will love it there. I love going there so I hope you will one day love it as much as me.

The author's comments:
My family and i love going here almost every summer.

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