A Little Birdie (Told Me)

February 6, 2012
By Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
Hisa-Ai PLATINUM, Rockford, Illinois
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A little birdie once told me all about your

Once upon a time.

He told me you were once

A wide-eyed innocent and

You didn't know anything

About the world beyond your mother's embrace.

You didn't understand nasty words

Or why they were said

But they hurt and that's all that mattered.

The cruelty of the world had yet to sink in

And you still believed in happiness.

All you wanted was to play

And be a sweet young child,

But the world had different plans.

It bruised and battered you

Threw you all around,

It wanted to break you,

But your mother wouldn't let it.

She kept you from crumbling

She kept you alive and full of hope -

What happened next?

I heard she died

Who was there for you then?

Who kept the monsters and the bad guys away?

No one.

That's the problem.

You were left on your own for far too long

Starting at such a young age...

The world finally got to you.

Something inside you must have broke;

The person I know now

Is nothing like he must have been before.

The world has hardened you

I see it in your eyes;

You trust no one,

You don't stick around long enough

To let more people mess with you.

The abuse has made you very strong but oh so very weak

Does it matter how things once were

Since it's not like that anymore?

You don't think so.

This is how life is

This is how it'll always be

After that little bump you don't think

You'll ever see a happily ever after,

You don't believe in it anymore,

The words just don't make sense.

But darling,

That little birdie told me a secret

Something you might want to know:

You've met a girl and while

Some may call her your damsel in distress

I alone know the truth:

She's saving you just as much as you're

Saving her.

You might not have rode in on a white horse

But she might not care.

She sees past it all

She knows you've been broken and bruised

And goddamnit if she isn't healing you.

Slowly she's showing you not all people

Want to hurt you or will try to break you

She's showing you not all people are bad

She's showing you how to be happy

How to have hope...

And she's showing you how to love.

And not just her

But your friends too.

She's showing you that maybe fairytales

Are real

And that they can come true.


That little birdie told me many a things back then,

He's also most recently informed me

That you've received your happily ever after

And that you deserve it

Like no one I've ever known before.

So let's hope that little birdie

Only reports good news from here

On out.

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