I Guess It's Just Your Eyes

February 6, 2012
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I guess it's just your eyes
And the way you make me feel
Because whenever you're around everything seems so surreal

Your smile is so bright
It lights the stars at night
And you're so clueless in your way
It gives a bitter-sweet twist to my day
Your eyes couldn't be bluer
Nor your soul truer
And when I see it all every day
It almost makes me want to say I

See the innocence in your eyes
When we say our hellos and good-byes
A certain twinkle when you smile
And that special one when you've been up to something for a while
I've seen it all in your eyes
They've given away a lot
Maybe you're just that easy to read
Or maybe my need to know it all
Just pushed me to pay attention to it all.

I don't know what drew you to me or me to you
All I really know is that since I met you
My favorite color has secretly been blue
I can't say I stalk you
I just watch intensely whenever you come into view
And some more as you walk away
And I'll admit that's probably the highlight of my day
Unless of course you happen to say a word or two
To me from you
And then I'm usually secretly on cloud nine
While on the outside I pretend everything's fine
So you'll never see it when my heart thuds
When you pat me on the back at school
And then ruin my buzz by call me your bud

I'm just one of the guys to you
I mean why else would you skip the lies?
But lately I don't know what I am to you
Because you're all acting so weird

Sometimes it's simple to look at you and study your every move
While other times I can barely tell you hi
When the world is on my shoulder and I have no where to hide and no intent to run
I can always look over and know you'll be there to help me have some fun
And when you're really down or scared or just feeling all alone
You know I'll be there for you; all you have to do is pick up the phone.

I don't know where I'm heading or if I'm even on the right road
All I know is that with you by my side
Through everything that I'll do wrong
I'll stay strong
Because you're my best friend
And if that's all you'll ever be
At least I'll still go through life with you in it
And that'll be even more bitter-sweet
But in a way I'll still be happy

I guess it's just your eyes
And the way you make me feel
Because whenever you're around everything seems so surreal
And I sometimes get the urge to say how I really feel

Sometimes I really feel like telling you.

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