Original Pivot

February 6, 2012
By iiWriter BRONZE, Rutledge, Missouri
iiWriter BRONZE, Rutledge, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
Going with the flow might get you there faster, but usually leads to a waterfall.

If there were not flaws to be found,
then I would not find them.
You seem so conceded,
quit admiring your voice''s sound.

Yes I envy winning because,
it is something I''m good at.
give me a battle to win,
cut the stupid chitchat.

At-least i admit my flaws,
however small they may be.
something you cant do,
open your eyes and see.

Do yourself a favor,
and get off the high horse you haven't earned.
Walk a mile in my shoes,
and find a lesson you haven't learned.

If you want to be original fine,
just do it right next time.

The author's comments:
This poem was taken from an argument I was having, I re-arranged some of the words and added a few lines, and rhyme scheme. This is proof that poetry is everywhere, even in a conflict.

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